About CityNeighborhoods.nyc

This website is your portal into the rich tapestry that is New York City. Beginning in 2014, I began a project to visit every neighborhood in Manhattan and photograph what I saw as I visited. To date, I have completed my tour, visiting nearly every block, every street, and every avenue on the island. The result is over 10,000 photographs that (hopefully) capture the spirit and diversity and beauty of New York City.

About The Neighborhoods

Q: What makes a neighborhood in Manhattan?

A: No one really knows for sure.

Very few of the neighborhood borders are definite. Oftentimes the results depend on who you ask (or which website you read). More often than not, the boundaries are more like guidelines, than actual rules. For the purposes of this project, I relied heavily on the information from emporis.com, wikipedia, and my own experiences. All-in-all, it's like one giant game of Tetris, with no absolute wrong or right. Mostly, I decided to try and have as much differentiation as possible - which is why, for example, I make the distinction between, say, Alphabet City and the East Village, or the archaic Bloomingdale District and the Upper West Side.

About the Photographer

Hi there!


By (work) day, I am a teacher in the New York City public schools. I live (and work) in Queens. And I am also an aspiring author (I've written one Young Adult fantasy manuscript and am currently drafting a second). I'm currently in the process of querying literary agents.

If it sounds like I have a busy life, well, that's because I do. I like to keep active and be creative. This cityneighborhoods.nyc project has become a passion and something akin to a life's work. I look forward to continuing my excursions into Manhattan, and broadening the project to include the outer boroughs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Please be sure to check out the full image galleries here.

- Samuel Walters